Membership Overview

The SHLB Coalition is actively seeking to expand its membership. We seek a diversity of members from the anchor institutions' community and from the commercial and non-commercial sectors. SHLB members become a part of a greater community of broadband providers, consulting firms, non-profit foundations and national public interest advocates. In addition, members receive visibility on our website and at our conferences, discounts for our events, and the oportunity to learn from other members. SHLB offers two different types of membership. Compare below to see which membership is right for your organization.


Full Membership

  • Full membership is open to any organization that supports our Mission Statement.
  • Full members can participate in developing SHLB's policy positions and twice-monthly policy calls.
  • See additional information on full member benefits, the application, and dues here

Affiliate Membership

  • Affiliate membership is 75% the cost of full membership and is only open to for-profit organizations
  • Affiliate membership is a great way to show support for SHLB's mission while increasing your company's visibility and exposure.
  • Review all affiliate member benefits, the application, and dues here